The Metaverse you expected.

MetaversusWorld fuses the worlds of traditional gaming and ecommerce with Web3 technology to provide hyper-realistic, engaging and immersive metaverse environments.

We elevate customer experiences and deepen connections through interactive journeys, empowering consumers and brands to participate in shared experiences in the metaverse with real utility and value.

We bring brands to the Metaverse

We provide an on-ramp to web3 by offering metaverse-ready products that are optimised to support a circular economy of digital assets and commerce. MetaVersus reduces the complexity surrounding entrance to the metaverse by offering a suite of prepackaged products that enable low-risk experimentation while producing value driven user experiences using web3 mechanics.


Gaming, Social, Leaderboard Gamified Experiences

Our virtual worlds are and can be optimised as standalone gaming experiences or integrations of commerce, events, entertainment, and social layers that can be explored in single and multiplayer modes. Examples include car racing, skateboarding, fishing, quests, horse riding. Leaderboard-gamified games and activities are powered by two important player resources: time and attention. Throughout the worlds interactive brand sponsored games will also exist as part of their activation(s), empowering citizens and IP owners to participate in fun activities, with real utility and value.


Metaverse as a Service

MetaVersus are here to help brands achieve a painless web3 transformation. Using fully customisable solutions and proprietary smart contracts, we work with brands using cutting-edge technology to provide a unique web3 experience to their most loyal customers.


NFT Marketplace

MetaVersus is the first NFT marketplace that is optimised for brands and their consumers. By bridging the gap between NFT marketplaces, in-game assets and traditional NFTs, MetaVersusWorld can become a space where brands bring their IP into web3 and offer new benefits to their communities through high-utility NFTs.



We want to offer as many ways for our community to represent themselves as possible, which is why we have integrated Ready Player Me avatars into our platform. With this integration, MetaversusWorld citizens will be able to access all the benefits of Ready Player Me in addition to our native custom avatar creator. What’s more, users will be able to seamlessly switch between their avatars at the push of a button.


Circular Economy

MetaVersusWorld world has a self-fueling economy powered by our own native currency and NFT membership. CitizenNFTs, which allow access to exclusive custom experiences created by brands for their consumers, and the integration of Moonpay to help users onboard through fiat enables anyone to participate in our worlds.

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Building experiences for a variety of industries.

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Meet The Team

Backgrounds ranging from PlayStation, Huawei, SaxoBank, NBA, Twitter, Upwork, ABC News, Garmin, and more.

Moray Hickes

Chief Executive Officer

Javier Sevilla

Chief Metaverse Architect

Roxana Nasoi

Chief Marketing Officer

Felix Oram

Chief Financial Officer

Andrii Rurak

Product Owner - Unreal

Shane McQuillan

Chief Strategy Officer

Jessica Middleton

Head of Outreach

Kazune Takeda

Chief Technology Officer

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